Team Dog Online Training Subscription - Monthly
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Team Dog Online Training Subscription - Monthly

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The Team Dog online training platform is a result of the many conversations had with dog owners all over the country after writing the book. Former Navy SEAL, Mike Ritland, wanted an affordable way for all dog owners to have video representations of the concepts he talks about in his book, and to be able to effectively communicate with their dogs to live a happy, well-trained life. Team Dog Subscriptions are autorenewing.

Anyone with a pup no matter the age can definitely benefit from joining! Learn to fix problem behaviors, leash pulling, dog aggression, destructive behaviors. With over 800 minutes of training videos, courses, and one on one interaction with Mike Ritland himself through the live forums, there is something that every level will benefit from. By the time you are done with all of the courses, you will be an expert yourself and well on your way to having a well-behaved pup!


  • 24 hour online training
  • Forums and groups of trainers
  • 800+ mins of training
  • For all levels and ages

Once purchased, a code will be emailed to redeem at

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
William Schwab
Life Changer

Since using Mike’s online training, my dog has been more disciplined and receptive. I’ve had dogs my entire life but never dedicated the time to training. This training has been a life saver. I would recommend Mike’s training to anyone. Doing my own training has build a solid relationship foundation between my dog and I. I can’t say enough good things about Mike’s training.

Nicolaas La Monica
Review of training subscription

I just started using mikes online training! I am very happy that I subscribed and started using it. Before I was doing what I knew my families dogs and was using you tube videos of other trainers ways of training. Some of there ways just didn’t seem to work. With my new Dutch shepherd puppy, I wanted to do right way. Mikes online training makes a whole lot of Sense to me and its nothing crazy. Just like mikes says, just have to put in time!

Great training and treats

My two rescue GSD/cattle dog mixes are high drive/energy. The training program Mike put together is top notch and has molded them into the best of dogs. We get compliments every time they're out in public for how well behaved they are. They chomp thru the salmon skins like a pack of hungry wolves and devour their meals like a village of starving Ethiopian children. Our 2 year old has had digestive issues since we got her and after trying literally everything, the essential blend is what finally solidified her **** and helped minimize her anal gland secretions. Now I think we're always both excited to see a nice solid steaming log in the morning. Cheers!

Dumb Ass
Hey I haven’t been able to sign in

Keep getting this weird screen saying maybe I didn’t renew my subscription I haven’t been able to view anything since I paid

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