Team Dog Online Training Subscription - Yearly
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Team Dog Online Training Subscription - Yearly

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The Team Dog online training platform is a result of the many conversations had with dog owners all over the country after writing the book. Former Navy SEAL, Mike Ritland, wanted an affordable way for all dog owners to have video representations of the concepts he talks about in his book, and to be able to effectively communicate with their dogs to live a happy, well-trained life. Team Dog Subscriptions are autorenewing.

Anyone with a pup no matter the age can definitely benefit from joining! Learn to fix problem behaviors, leash pulling, dog aggression, destructive behaviors. With over 800 minutes of training videos, courses, and one on one interaction with Mike Ritland himself through the live forums, there is something that every level will benefit from. By the time you are done with all of the courses, you will be an expert yourself and well on your way to having a well-behaved pup!


  • 24 hour online training
  • Forums and groups of trainers
  • 800+ mins of training
  • For all levels and ages

Once purchased, a code will be emailed to redeem at

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Matthew Vedder

Excellent program.

From Psycho to Lassie

Ever seen that person running out of their yard hollering at their dog who is definitely Not coming back? You know, the dog who bolts out the door every chance it gets and slips it’s collar whenever it sees the chance to run far away and won’t be coming home until maybe it’s time for dinner. Ya, that was us-emphasis on Was!
Thanks to the Team Dog program, Mike, the community, and a lot of hard work, I now have that lassie type dog everyone dreams of. The one who goes out in the yard without a leash and follows you around wanting to know what’s next. She comes inside and turns into that calm, collected dog who will go to bed when told and does not have to be worried about counter surfing for my food!
As far as the price, anyone who has taken even one class anywhere knows that this price is ridiculously cheap and affordable!
The amount of information available and the amazing community you get welcomed into cannot be overstated!! If your dog is like mine was, this is definitely the place you want to go-asap!

Ronda Laveen
Effectively communicate with your dog

This is the 3rd online training program I have worked. And, in my opinion, although I have learned a lot in the other programs, this is the best. One program, was over 5x the annual cost of Team Dog. For less than the cost of a single session with most in-person trainers, you can access knowledge and support materials of elite trainer, Mike Ritland. He teaches, with ease, how to clearly communicate with your best four-legged friends. And, not only how to communicate, but how to build a deep and everlasting bond with your dog. To me, this is the greatest and most valuable gift of this program. In the other programs, I felt driven to train, train, train which equated to a chore. Not an unpleasant chore but, nonetheless, a chore. With Team Dog, yes, Mike stresses the training aspect, but more importantly, underscores the importance of taking your time to build a solid bond...a solid base of your training pyramid. I don't feel pressured to push toward the end zone, but rather, to enjoy, and take the time to enjoy the process of building this bond that will solidify and define your relationship with your fuzzers. My dogs and I look at each other in a new way. Seriously, we can look into each other's eyes and see the love and connection. I am nearly 70 and have zero aspirations to compete at any level, but the relationship and skills I am learning, and deepening with my family dogs is a gift for which I will be forever grateful to Mike Ritland. No matter what your goals, do yourself and your pups a favor, and work Team Dog.

Stephanie Butterfield
Affordable price to learn from the best!

My boyfriend purchased this for me to help my dog who is dog aggressive, I ended up using this with my other adult dog as well because the difference was extremely noticeable. I've ended up re-upping every year since. Mikes set this program up to give you back as much effort as put in. Work through the course work on your time schedule, and with however many dogs you own, each can be at different paces and goals. Once you are a member there is a forum where you can post questions if you feel confused on any aspect of the training. Even better, just search to find someone else who's already asked the question, with Mikes answer/response available :) The other benefit to this membership is a Friday discount code on some of his gear in the shop.
Thankful for this program, and I always recommend it.

Christine Schulter
Team Dog a game changer.

After years of learning every wrong way in the book, I stumbled upon Team Dog. This program helped me re-wire my way of thinking, training & dealing with my dogs as well as build a proper foundation & give me the techniques to handle any and every situation I have run into.

Without team dog I wouldn’t have a thriving retired K9 and a young gsd who I can bring to work with me daily.

So thankful for this program!

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