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Salmon skins

My dog absolutely loves them!! Special treat for her, her favorite!! So good for her!! Thank you

Elite Blend Premium Dog Food

Excellent dog food. Mike Ritland stands behind his products and will always have my business.

Immediate results

My 19 month shepherd was struggling with his weight. As a working dog and being super active, despite trying popular vet recommended foods, he looked starved and underweight no matter what we tried. I reached out to Mike about it and he simply said, “try the salmon/Herring/lentil Elite blend” and Boom issue solved!! My Dog since switching, is eager at feeding times, hae lots of energy, fantastic coat, and very healthy stools, and is at the correct weight with the same workload. He eats less food due to the nutrient dense blend which has saved us $$ significantly per month as well! Best move we could have made!
My Dog is a Team Dog!! Thanks Mike🔱🙏🏽

Best Dog Food I've Ever Fed

This is such a great dog food. At my kennel quality nutrition is a must. Not only do my dogs love it, they maintain a healthy weight by consuming less food. This saves me money and keeps the dogs in tip top shape. I highly recommend this dog food

Team Dog Food

This food has been great for my 4 year old herding dog mix. He seems to have more energy and his fur is now very soft. Will definitely continue to use this dog food.

Brian Averi , CMU Intel Researcher (DoD) career DEA TF
Had Patrol Ordnance & Narco K9’s in all my units
Love the book n Training
Im a certified basic K9 trainer now
Thank u for ur continued service to our community(s) & country

Elite Blend Premium Dog Food Review

I recently signed up for Team Dog and discovered the food, treats and many other products, so I decided to give this food a try. Since my dog has been eating this food I have noticed a major improvement in his coat mostly but he sure does love to eat it. I also give him salmon skins occasionally, salmon bites and turkey bites. The hip and joint cube chews are another favorite of my dog, Mowgli. I am glad Ive discovered Mike Ritland and Team Thank you!

Great gift to pass along once you've read

This book really allows me to obtain a lot more information than I would if I were to simply do my own digging. Ritland's straight shooting is very direct and to the point which is very unorthodox and I believe beneficial.

Pups Are Jumping

Got a stocky, short lab and a great dane mix(that can really move) and both have increased activity in the yard and eager to get out and romp since introducing hip/joint supplements. Great results so far.

Looks awesome!

Shipped super fast and the hat I ordered is awesome quality.

Skin and coat supplements.

Remington's coat is shiny and soft. He has no itchy dry skin, he is a very happy boy.

Team Dog Limited Edition Hat - Charcoal Black

Like Richlands dog food and training treats

I have a 2.5 yr old Belgium Malinois I'm pretty picky about what I feed her . She liked the turkey training treats and gobbled the food up as well . Seemingly some good , wel lk made nutrition for dogs and I may be ordering some food in the near future. Thanx so much !!!

Dog Food & Treats Sample, $6.00 Value


All three of my dogs loved them. Would be nice to get a bigger pack.

We have two Frenchies Max and Mia we love them so much and feed them the best food thanks to Mike Ritland their coats are beautiful and they love the salmon herring blend as they are very active and eat sleep and play fueled by the best .

Hip and Joint care.

They seem to be working excellent.

Salmon bites

Dogs love it. Great product. I will definitely reorder. Thank you

Turkey bits dog treats

I love them my dog goes nuts over them I will get them again thank you so much for making them

Excellent choice for our old big dog!!!

I had been feeding my large Doberman/lab what I used to think was quality food…and it was expensive(taste of the wild). She’s 14+ years old. She’s always been on the thinner side but as she got older she lost more and more weight(like she had worms type skinny, but didn’t of course). Looked very unhealthy and chalked it up to age. After finding this brand and choosing to support the cause, she is back to full weight and look’n good! She’s old, but she’s got that young dog shine again and you can tell she feels so much better. I highly encourage this food for anyone that cares about their canine friends well being. I feel price is worth it as our doggo is a member of our family and deserves a healthy diet like the rest of us. Having a subscription makes it very easy. ✌🏼 Also, on a lighter note, her noxious gas attacks have been drastically reduced…that alone makes it a worthy purchase. Switching to this was easy!! —Zero transition issues. Thank you for this product!!


Great company, sample was worth the try. I was hoping my dog would eat it, but she wouldn't touch it, and we tried all 3 ways. She did love the treats though and if they weren't so expensive, I'd feed her those! You guys rock!!

WjC review.

Awesome product and great service. My whole gang loves the brand.

Great Treats

My dog loves the treats and I like knowing that I’m not giving him “junk” treats.

Elite Blend Premium Dog Food

Easy transition

The dog food was a very easy transition from Taste of the Wild that we were buying previously. We are about halfway through the bag and they are mostly eating the essential blend at this point. My dogs have not shown any signs of issues and seem to enjoy it very much. Not that they are hard to impress. We will see how they do as we go forward.

To me, we are saving a few dollars and get more n the bag so it is a very good price. I believe 33 lbs verse the 28 lbs from the previous food.

I’ve heard Mike say for a long time that he has put much thought and time into this food and I believe he would only release it when it was just right, highly recommended.

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