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My Red Heeler mix loves the Salmon Essential Blend

I didn’t want to buy the recommended dog food brands my veterinarian suggested. Since I occassionally listen to Mr. Ritland’s podcast, I thought I would give Fueled by Team Dog a try. My 7 month old Red Heeler mix loves the Essential Blend (Salmon). I accidentally placed my order to my old address in SoCal instead of Texas. I immediately contacted customer service and they responded quickly (same day) and corrected my order. In addition, they recommended that I order the essential blend instead of the elite blend for my puppy. So that was changed in my order as well. Customer service was very responsive and helpful. Best of all, my puppy loves the food. I plan on trying the other blends, treats and supplements in the future. I’ve had my puppy on the Essential Blend since I adopted him at 6 weeks.

Fantastic training

Can’t fault Teamdog for anything, our GSD has came on leaps and bounds since signing up with Mike. His methods are clear consice and no bullshit. Highly recommend Teamdog to anyone wanting to build a better relationship with their dog and learn the correct ways of science behind. The training. Thank you Mike

Team Dog Training Clicker
Charlene Hennessy

Clicker is (with me) the best way to train a dog. A friend has a dog that needed to be trained. Lucy ( dog) responded to clicker, hopefully he will be easier for the older couple who own it.

Thanks for your help.

Getting a new puppy and not having a dog in a long time. These videos really do help. The treats are super amazing. Having run out a grabbed some other brand to hold me over. And my puppy is not impressed.
Needless to say I will be ordering more and renewing my subscription. Thanks again for all your help.

Must smell pretty good

Both Zeus and Athena love it. In fact Athena won’t stop smelling the box it came in even after a few days. She is in love with ce Wild boar liver !

So far so good!

We purchased the food,treats, training bundle. I will say my GSD and husky have only been on this for 2 1/2 weeks but we already noticed our GSD puppies coat to be softer and our husky who had bad hips seems more playful. Now I’m waiting to see if our GSDs ears clear up- he’s had ear infection and yeast for past 2 months. We bought the chicken free one- I believe the herring formula

Great shirt, comfortable and washes well.

Our Dogs Like it

Our dogs seem to like it.
We have no complaints. We believe the words we read about the dog food ingredients are better for our dogs than what we were using.

Worked for my Pooch!

My Border Collie/Lab developed a limp, he’s very active going on 2-3 hour group hikes 3-4 days a week. We rested him and started the joint chews. Saw a difference after about 5-6 days. 👍🏽

That's a "go figue!"

I think that topper is stinky and gross, BUT Gage LOVES IT!

Best kibble ever!

I have an extremely picky eater, we’ve tried nearly every premium kibble you can think of, and this is the ONLY one that he gets excited to eat! Quality ingredients, both of mine digest it well and can’t wait to eat every bite! They also go nuts for the salmon bites. We love supporting veteran-owned businesses, and Team Dog makes that easy by offering quality products that our babes love!

My dog love these freeze dried salmon bites

Dexter absolutely loves these treats

Great supplement for aging lab

Zeus loves the taste and take it as a treat. I see an improvement as he stops walking like a” old man”.
Mike Ritland’s dog products never fail.

Team Dog K9 First Aid and CPR Online Certification Courses

Couple Years & Going

My Doberman has been on this food diet for almost a few years and its fantastic. He loves the food, I get compliments on his looks (big, muscular, skin coat) his energy levels are always through the roof even after a hard day of activities. Not to mention the customer service from this company deserves 10 stars. Never disappointed. The price to me is worth the health of my best friend with ingredients I trust knowing what Mr. Mike Ritland is all about.

Team Dog Long-Sleeve Lightweight Hoodie - Black

Great Mug

Love it! The perfect cup for my morning coffee.

Top drawer

Im a civilian **** who admires the SEAL teams and similar SOF operators. All the best Mike, his family and all SOF operators / vets. A great shirt.


We have two female pits. They both liked the dog food, but only one liked the dog treats. Still trying to decide if this is the right food for them. They both have skin issues. Thank you for offering these samples.

Great product

Took a little while get my picky **** spoiled dog to eat it but he is moving much better.

Essential dog food

I have a 13 year old Border Collie and is only a half a bag in but showing positive results so far


Best treats ever!!!

Awesome Product and Delivery

The product always comes when stated, fresh and ready to consume. Also, Jeffry Epstein did not in fact kill himself. For the record. Again.

My dog loved the samples so much. I placed a subscription order.

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